Our activities

    Polish Hydropower Association (Towarzystwo Elektrowni Wodnych - TEW) was founded in 1991 on the initiative of 18 founding members from the employees of our largest hydropower plants.

    TEW has been registered in 1992. It currently has 176 ordinary members, including 8 honorary members, and 30 supporting members. The main goal of TEW is to protect and represent  hydropower industry and to support the development of hydropower and other renewable energy sources.

    Our association leads business activities, mainly in areas of water management and renewable energy:

    - develops analyzes, studies and expertise,

    - organizes exhibitions, conferences, seminars and trainings,

    - organizes promotional and advertising activities (including promotional publications)

    Statutory goals

    1) Undertaking actions for comprehensive development and rational use of the water and energy resources as well as developing complementary sources of electricity in flow, reservoir and pump power plants, which are the most beneficial from the point of view of environmental protection as well as the economics of the national power system.

    2) Initiating, promoting and implementing technical progress in the process of generating electricity in hydropower plants.

    3) Promoting and initiating activities aimed at using other renewable energy sources for electricity generation (sun, wind, biogas, etc.).

    4) Cooperation with state and economic authorities, scientific institutions and social organizations in the field of protection of hydropower interests.

    5) Performing economic analyzes related to the production and storage of electricity from renewable energy sources.

    6) Representing the needs and interests of hydropower to state and economic authorities as well as other legal institutions and individuals.

    7) Popularizing technical, economic and ecological issues in the field of hydropower and other renewable energy sources in society.


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